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Custom Designs That Fit Your Application

Innovent designs and builds truly custom HVAC equipment for a wide range of applications. Whether your project is focused on improved indoor air quality, dehumidification, or energy efficiency, Innovent has a solution for you.


Built To Order

Our experienced engineering staff and sales representatives know that no two buildings are alike, and we’ll work closely with you to design a customized air handling system that will meet your project’s unique requirements. Custom extends to every step of the process—we provide dimensional flexibility, custom materials, embedded controls, and more. With Innovent, there’s no need to compromise on your vision or redesign mechanical room space.

Innovent Designs And Builds Custom HVAC Equipment Per Your Specifications.


Built For Efficiency

Innovent incorporates the ideal energy recovery device, provides optimized refrigeration components, and utilizes efficient compressors and fans for a highly efficient, custom unit. Our products deliver precise temperature and humidity control, assist in LEED accreditation and green building goals, and provide economical indoor air quality for buildings of all sizes and types.

Innovent Has The Widest Range Of Energy Recovery Options And Expertise.


Built To Last

You can trust that Innovent equipment will stand the test of time—a properly maintained unit can last well over 30 years. Our quality casing construction options, variety of internal components offered, and sufficient service access help you keep your equipment running effectively and efficiently.

Rely On The Strength Of Innovent’s Construction And Quality Components.

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