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The Incredible Value of Great Partnerships

During this difficult time, it is not always easy to know where our skills and abilities can be used to best help our friends and neighbors.  A couple of weeks ago, we got our chance. The LONG new equipment sales and building automation groups were called on, with an incredible opportunity to help our local community with COVID-19 healthcare preparation.

DuctsThe St. Mary–Corwin medical center in Pueblo, Colorado is currently converting 2 floors of standard patient rooms to isolation recovery rooms. This project will provide 120 beds for patients who have been affected by COVID -19, are now stable, and no longer require critical care. This conversion requires 100% outside air and negative pressure control for each room.

The Colorado Office of the State Architect called on Cator Ruma to rapidly develop a plan to accomplish the goal as quickly as possible. Mortensen has been selected as the General Contractor, and they are relying on both Olson Plumbing & Heating, as well as Colorado Sheet Metal to handle the HVAC on this project. The project is a joint emergency effort by the Colorado State Unified Command Group and the US Army Corps of Engineers.

LONG has the distinct privilege of partnering with Cator Ruma, Olson, Colorado Sheet Metal, and Daikin to facilitate the solution. The concept was in play in the second week of April, and the isolation area of the hospital is expected to be put into use the second week of May.

Daikin unit-1

The project will require 8 Daikin Rebel 100% Make-up Air Units with both heating and cooling capability. The controls crew will be controlling the MUA units as well as the new fan utility sets to ensure negative pressure control.


Daikin unit 2

A special thanks goes to all the dedicated and hard-working folks at Daikin. When they were informed that we needed 8 new units built and shipped in less than two weeks, they immediately jumped into action, and found a way to make it work. Generally we would expect this product to take an excess of 2 months to acquire the pieces and parts, get into the production schedule, and ship to a site.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to partner with great companies and people, the kind of people that make a difference when it really matters!

For more details on this project, or to inquire about partnering with LONG on another, please reach out today.

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Archie Warthen

Archie supports and directs the HVAC equipment sales group for Colorado. He earned an Engineering Degree from New Mexico State University, while simultaneously owning and operating a small business. Archie began his HVAC career with Trane as a new equipment sales engineer in the late 1990's. He joined LONG in 2011, tasked with developing our hydronics and plumbing division. In 2018, Archie was selected to lead and continue to expand the Colorado HVAC equipment sales group. He is dedicated to strong relationships, improved processes, and doing whatever it takes to provide excellent customer experiences. In an effort to lead a well-balanced life, Archie likes snowmobiling, hunting, problem solving games, community involvement, building hot rods, and spending time with his family and friends.