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Protect Your Digital Self

Data-Privacy---Photoshop.jpgData Privacy Day is a reminder to consider your online presence. Think about all the things you type into your keyboard or on your phone or tablet. You might think, “I have nothing to hide.” While that may be true, it’s not so much about “hiding” your information, but being aware of when private or personal information is being collected and how it’s used. Take these simple steps to ensure data safety for you and your business:

  • Phishing for info: Before you click on an unknown link, think about the source. Oftentimes cybercriminals will send links via email, social media and online advertising that look legitimate. Pay attention to the website’s URL; variation in spelling or using a different domain can be hints that the website linked to you is suspicious. If it’s from a source you think you know, try contacting the source directly or it might be best to just throw it out! NEVER reveal personal or financial information in an email.
  • Passwords or better yet, Passphrases: A strong password is at least 12 characters long. Most people tend to just use a word or two then throw in a few numbers or symbols wherever it’s necessary, but it’s must safer to use an entire phrase (and easier to fulfill those requirements when needed). Using a positive sentence or a phrase you like to think about will make it much easier to remember.
  • Don’t repeat that password: On a daily basis, we are all logging into key accounts online. From email and banking to online shopping and membership to a blog, many people tend to use the same passwords for all of them. If one account becomes compromised, and entire system of your information becomes available to cybercriminals.

Your data privacy is in your hands! If you want to learn more about more safe practices online, check out this website:


Karen An

Karen An is an Administrative Assistant I at LONG Colorado. She enjoys spending time with her dog, Bozeman outside in the sunshine. Indoors, she loves to bake a variety of things and spends most of her time catching up on hit TV shows like "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt".