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Product Feature: UbiquitSTAT™ WiFi 4100 Series Thermostat

TCS enhances UbiquiSTAT line of powerful, color touch screen thermostats with the addition of four BACnet/IP WiFi models (4100 Series)


The UbiquiSTAT™ WiFi 4100 Series thermostats combine the simplicity of an application-specific thermostat with open-source, non-proprietary, BACnet/IP compatibility. It’s a great fit for any new or existing BACnet project where simplicity and saving installation time is important considerations.

Building on the success of the UbiquiSTAT 4000 series, TCS introduced the WiFi version in early 2020, allowing installers and contractors to spend even less labor time on projects.

“The WiFi UbiquiSTAT is an even faster install because you aren’t dealing with running and terminating comm wire,” said Curt Sharkey, TCS Sales Manager. “The UbiquiSTAT (4000 series) already went in fast because you’re only working with four different models and they’re pre-configured for most common applications.”

The startup wizard, simple configuration screens, and a system test mode were designed to work together in the UbiquiSTAT, making programming fast and easy. For advanced or unusual applications, all BACnet points are visible, well-described, and available through the onboard touchscreen BACnet Explorer.

With simple BTL-listed product selection, wired and WiFi comm options, and fast installation, you know you’ll have the right controls for the job. From single-stage and zoning to multi-stage and AHU control, the application-specific UbiquiSTAT puts you confidently in control.

To learn more about the UbiquiSTAT BACnet/IP WiFi, view the video here.

View additional features for the thermostat on the product data sheet.

TCS has thermostats and controls for most commercial applications. If you’re unsure about your requirements and need assistance with the selection, LONG PartsPros can help you determine which UbiquiSTAT best fits your next BACnet project. Call LONG PartsPros at 855-566-4778 or buy parts online at

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