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Product Feature: Blu-Test Wireless Test Instruments

The Blü-Test from BAPI is a line of wireless test instruments that allow users to measure temperature, relative humidity, or differential pressure. Each probe comes with a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable certificate of calibration.

Each unit has a local OLED display for immediate readings. Along with is, test data becomes immediately available via the app on Android or iOS smart devices so you can get your results instantaneously. These data points can also be logged and graphed on the app and are easily emailed for use in commissioning, troubleshooting, or comparing against the BAS. Each probe stores up to 8 months of continuous logging or up to 32 log files in its internal memory. The convenience and quick response of the Blü-Test make it a great tool for meeting any HVAC commissioning project requirements.

Blü-Test units are sold individually or as a bundle so you have options for any situation. The suite includes:

  • 8” Temperature and Humidity Combination Probe
  • 5” Temperature Probe
  • 6” Temperature Probe
  • 4” Piercing Temperature Probe
  • Low Range Differential Pressure Probe
  • Standard Range Pressure Probe

For a full overview of the probes, view the video below:

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