Customers Finally Have a Choice
Traditionally, the first solutions provider to install the initial temperature controls system in a building would be the provider that implemented up...Read More
Tips for Maintaining Your Walk-in Cooler or Freezer
Walk-in coolers and freezers are taken for granted when they are working, but as soon as there is an issue, the whole kitchen is in jeopardy. Neglecti...Read More
BioFire Diagnostics: The Project That Keeps On Giving
2019 was a very successful year for the LONG Utah sales team, due to numerous successful projects and the single largest project for the office in ove...Read More
Case Study: Granite Falls School District
The Granite Falls School District, located in Washington state, partnered with LONG and LenelS2 to enable deterrence and rapid response to security th...Read More
Addressing COVID-19
LONG is open for business, though how we are conducting business is changing by the moment. We are concerned for the health and welfare of our employe...Read More
A Quick History of Facial Recognition
All information and quotes originated from Shaun Raviv's article at Wired.