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National Day of Encouragement

Happy National Day of Encouragement! LONG has the opportunity to make every day a Day of Encouragement. The Three C’s of LONG - Customer, Co-Worker and Company are a staple of LONG. It’s our business philosophy that doing what is best for Customers and our Co-workers will result in the utmost success for the Company.

Coin Program

In every office there is a coin program in place. Peer-to-peer recognition is encourag2017_Coin_Design-2ed, and a monthly newsletter is sent out for everyone to see. Employees can recognize a co-worker for going above and beyond or just showing the Three C’s LONG revolves around. The monthly newsletter is a positive opportunity to show all the admirable things going on in each office. The employee nominated will also receive a coin to keep as a reminder of how appreciated they truly are. This program is a great way for employees to recognize and put a spotlight on someone that has truly helped them.

Ways to Encourage

Recognition is key! Going out of your way to recognize someone for helping you can change someone’s day around completely. A true leader will help you in any way possible.

Today try to take 2 minutes out of your day to encourage someone around you. It could be a coworker, friend, or even family member. This act of kindness can go a long way. Knowing there is someone out there who recognized you can make an impact on that person and could mean the world to them.


Amanda Glowczewski

Amanda is Administrative Assistant III for LONG Building Technologies in Colorado. She loves to see new movies and binge watch shows on Netflix. She enjoys spending time outside playing Frisbee with her dog.