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Meet LONG PartsPro - Clint Burns

Fast paced!  This was Clint’s first impression of the HVAC industry back in 2013 when he began his journey at LONG.

 Clint came from a local tech company that processed over 300 refurbished computer systems a day.  When he joined LONG, Clint already understood that equipment and parts fail in every industry, and the lifespan of a product usually doesn’t end at a convenient time.  These interruptions are not planned and often require urgent action.  Clint brought this awareness when he joined the LONG PartsPros team, and this understanding is one of the many reasons why Clint strives to help customers.  He empathizes with the necessity and seriousness when a part needs to be replaced.

Clint already knew about LONG’s reputation of being an employee-focused company from a friend that worked at LONG.  When he learned about the opening in parts, he contacted Jake Gash to express his interest in the opportunity. Clint heard LONG was a company that believed in investing in their employees, and this was just the opening for growth that he was looking for.

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As we know, Jake’s mind is like a steel trap.  He recalls being impressed with Clint’s enthusiasm to learn about the HVAC industry during his interview.  Jake also recalls that Clint wore a snazzy suit.  Nice move…clearly, it made an impression!

Looking back, Clint remembers feeling overwhelmed with all the information in the beginning.  There were so many different terms used for the same part!  So, he enrolled himself in a Fundamentals of HVAC class.  This helped bring clarity many of the new terms he was hearing.

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Clint also took the time during his first year to get to know our customers.  Who are they?  What types of facilities are they supporting?  Why is urgency so important in our industry?  These are all questions he began getting the answers to as he worked to help our customers find solutions to their problems.  In doing so, he also learned the ins and outs of the different factories we are partnered with and the parts they offer.

The time Clint has spent over the past four years fine-tuning his knowledge has made him a resource to anyone needing parts assistance.  Whether it be tracking an order, identifying a part, or figuring out the cross reference to obsolete parts commonly found in older facilities, Clint is here to help.

The perspective Clint has gained from building owners, property managers and contractors is invaluable.  He recognizes the hard work these individuals put into keeping their buildings running smoothly and their building occupants comfortable. He looks forward to coming to work every day because he enjoys being part of the process that supports this admirable group of people.

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