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Mars Air Curtains Make Spaces Safer

Mars-Image-1At LONG, safety is our primary concern. We understand the importance of safety in all situations, and our employees make it a priority when performing all types of work. We offer products and solutions for our customers that enable them to make their own spaces safer. One such product is a Mars Air curtain. Air curtains not only lower energy costs, improve sanitation, and increase productivity, but they can make the work space safer as well. Here are some of the ways Mars Air curtains can increase safety:

  • Mars Dock DoorAir curtains keep doorways, dock doors, or other areas with high foot traffic
    or heavy machinery (such as forklifts) movement free of obstruction.
  • Environmental conditions can often create moisture in areas such as cold storage entrances or large dock doors, causing unsafe, slippery conditions. Air curtains can dry slippery floors and open passageways, all while keeping the cold and heat where you want it.
  • By keeping out pests, dust, or other debris, Mars Air curtains can impact sanitation and keep environments clean. This can ensure the health and safety of persons in the area, equipment, or even food in prep or storage areas. And with specialized sanitizing units available, you can customize the air curtain to fit the specific needs of your building.Mars Cold Storage

There are many benefits to using a Mars Air curtain, but its capacity for making spaces safer is among its most important. Contact LONG today with questions or to order a Mars Air curtain that will fulfill your building's needs.



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