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Do you need a fan condenser motor FAST because your building’s occupants are too hot?  Do you need a QUALITY replacement humidifier cylinder because you’ve got issues with not enough humidity in an occupant’s space?  If your answer is yes, our LONG PartsPros can help remedy these issues as well as countless others. 

Jake Gash is the LONG PartsPros’ fearless leader.  He’s been a key player in LONG’s expanding parts efforts for the past 22 years.  Jake’s leadership and incredible knowledge of the equipment, controls and security parts industry is impressive!  He gained much of his knowledge over the years by listening and learning from his co-workers, factories and customers. 

Jake recognizes what his customers need in a parts provider…to be available, be knowledgeable, be quick, and be able to deliver!  He has lived by this philosophy when dealing with our customers since day one!  Jake also ensures this viewpoint is shared by his fellow PartsPros. 

Jake is supported by Clint Burns, Ray Gardner, Jax Cervantes Rick Lontin and Brett Hahn.  This group works tirelessly to support our customers’ parts needs.  They work together as a team to track down the most obscure part, handle warranty issues, provide order tracking information, and the list goes on and on!  They genuinely understand and can relate to the urgency our customers face when they need a part.  It is their empathy for our customers’ situations and needs that sets them apart from other parts providers.  They TRULY do care!

A recent new addition to the team is the LONG PartsPros online warehouse: The goal of the site is to provide customers with a convenient tool that makes finding and purchasing parts faster and easier than ever – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Visit to browse our parts catalog.

If there is ever anything we can do to help with your parts needs, don’t hesitate to contact the LONG PartsPros.


Joslyn Beckwith

Joslyn is the digital marketing coordinator for LONG. She loves to hike and play volleyball when the weather is warm and spends her free time reading, watching movies, and playing video and board games.