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LONG Utah's Largest Single Project: Primary Children's Hospital

PCH ConstructionIn 2021, LONG Building Technologies’ Utah branch secured the largest project in the company’s 54-year history

 at Primary Children’s Hospital in Lehi, UT. The new hospital, clinic, and CUP have been under construction for the last year and is scheduled to open in early 2024 to serve the growing Utah market.

PCH Equipment



Due to our relationships with our engineering, contractor, and supplier partners, the hospital is starting to take shape! The equipment that will be installed will ensure the facility is energy efficient and has the highest indoor air quality, keeping the environment clean, healthy, and comfortable. A few of the equipment highlights for the project are as follows:

PCH Equipment 2

  • 7 ea. Energy Labs Custom AHUs delivering 395,000 CFM of supply air to the facility
  • 675 ea. Krueger VAV Boxes
  • 3660 ea. Krueger GRDs
  • 956 ea. Ruskin Life Safety Dampers
  • 26 ea. Armstrong DE Pumps
  • 584 ea. Nexus Coil Kits + Accessories
  • 46 ea. Yaskawa HVA600 VFDs


Primary Children’s Hospital is part of the Intermountain Healthcare group and will be the 2nd Primary Children’s Hospital in the Salt Lake City metro area. The facility will feature 5 floors, 66 beds, and a three-story medical office building, with a combined area of 486,000 Sq. Ft. The new campus will provide high-quality, comprehensive pediatric care for the rapidly growing pediatric population of Utah County.

We’d like to thank some of our partners for working with us on this massive project: Energy Labs, Krueger, Ruskin, Armstrong, Nexus, Yaskawa, VBFA, J&S, Palmer-Christiansen, B2 Air Systems, RM Chris Sheet Metal, Jacobson Construction. We are grateful to be a part of a project that will have a considerable, positive impact on our community and look forward to its completion!

To learn more about this specific project or to inquire about HVAC equipment solutions for your facility, reach out to us today!


Paul Christiansen

Paul is responsible for mechanical equipment sales in the UT market. He achieved his undergraduate degree from the University of New Mexico, followed by a MBA from the American Graduate School of Intl. Mgmt. (Thunderbird) in Glendale, AZ in 2004. Paul began his career with Envirco Corp., promoting HEPA filtration systems for cleanrooms in Asia, and later managed the Krueger organization in the North American Air Distribution market for 6 years. Before joining LONG in January, 2017, Paul led the PennBarry and Lau Sales, Product Development, Engineering, Customer Service and Marketing teams. As General Manager of LONG Utah, Paul will be implementing growth strategies to strengthen LONG’s market position, as well as enhance the group’s portfolio of Mechanical Products in the Intermountain region.