LONG Celebrates Rockies Baseball

On Friday, April 7, LONG teamed up with The Lighting Agency to host a crowd of nearly 1300 Colorado Rockies fans at their Opening Day event.  With a beautiful Colorado day nearing 80 degrees and so much to enjoy, what a fantastic event it was. 

Downtown Denver is always booming on Opening Day and LONG was definitely part of the action!  In a lot from which you could actually see Coors Field, customers, friends and employees enjoyed Cubs, Buds and Tony BagOdohnutz.  Did I just peek your interest?  Let me explain.  Cubs served delicious BBQ straight from their catering truck; guests served themselves beverages directly from Bubs Beverage’s taps; and Tony BagOdonutz served up some great tunes as the DJ for the event! 


If you weren’t too busy enjoying the camaraderie, you could get a game of cornhole or ladder ball/toss in.  We all know what cornhole is, right?  But ladder ball?  For those that were unaware that this game existed (much like I was until Opening Day), ladder ball is a game played by throwing bolas (two balls connected by a string) onto a ladder.  Each rung of the ladder has a different point value.  Look it up and play some ladder ball of your own!

The hard work that many employees put in to make this event successful really paid off.  With so many fun, memorable events, I can’t wait to see what happens next year!


Alison Firkins

Alison is the Office Manager at LONG’s corporate headquarters in Littleton, CO. She loves attending the school football games where she can cheer her son on who performs with the marching band and enjoys all family time, especially if it includes a card game!