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LONG Analytics Services: Features and Benefits

What are LONG Analytics Services?

Our Analytics Services include Benchmarking, Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) and Energy Information Services (EIS). These services can be provided separately or together, and include quarterly reviews and reports where we help you identify, prioritize, estimate costs, and take action on repairing faults and/or identifying, implementing, and tracking opportunities to reduce energy use while maintaining comfort. Analytics allows you to save energy and utility costs, provide data to inform retrofits and track savings, improve occupant comfort, provide O&M staff labor savings, and reduce demand charges on your bills.

How does it work?

LONG first provides and installs communications devices and licensing for the collection of analytic systems data. Once this is complete, LONG engineers then discover and, if necessary, convey all relevant building automation system points into our building analytics tools databases for EIS energy analysis and FDD. This work includes any translations or customizations to fully archive your building’s pertinent data. We also gather building-level energy data and compile it into a benchmarking tool to create an energy and cost baseline. The baseline allows for building data analysis and tracking of future energy use in order to validate energy savings from the implementation of the analytics tool suggestions or other behavioral, operational, or equipment efficiency measures. We provide initial and regular reviews of your energy data based on the agreed contract interval to highlight issues and opportunities, as well as track changes that occur over time from your established baseline.

Analytics Graphic-1Once implemented, the LONG Analytics software then constantly monitors your systems, sending alerts and notifications when anomalies are detected. These notifications not only present the issues, but also define the likely impacts and possible root causes and suggest corrective action. As part of our analytics service, we also provide regular analytics reports that include FDD findings and recommend modifications to equipment or sequences of operations, and, if implemented, verify these changes with performance tracking. We will present these findings and recommendations in a consultative manner and implement improvements that are important to you. Your LONG technicians are part of this process and can quote material, equipment, and services for repair or replacement at the review. If repair is required the technicians can carry out the work immediately to streamline your processes and maximize the value of the Analytics service. Our goal is for the LONG Analytics to become a knowledgeable partner on your facilities management team – a team member who works 24/7 without complaint to enhance your building operations.

To view an example of the analytics report you will receive, click here.

Energy Benchmarking

This is a one-time service provided either with or separate from our Analytics service. Our energy engineer will setup a free automatic* utility data transfer service with your utility provider to EnergyStar. In addition, the engineer will assist you in setting up a free EnergyStar building account and help ensure the transfer of up to 3 years of prior utility data, plus ongoing transfers from your utility to EnergyStar. The engineer will also provide energy benchmarking information for your building such as Energy Use Intensity, Cost Intensity, Energy Use vs. Heating and Cooling Degree Days, Energy Use Breakdown, and other relevant energy benchmarking information for your building. This benchmarking information will allow you to compare your current building performance to previous and future year’s performance, as well as benchmark it against similar buildings in your area to help identify energy savings opportunities. Finally, the engineer will review your utility bill to identify possible additional cost saving opportunities. The deliverables will include an automatically updated* benchmarking account with EnergyStar and a one-time report outlining your energy use, costs, and opportunities.

*Automated data transfers depend on Utility Provider

If you have questions or are interested in any of the analytics services we can provide, reach out to LONG today.

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Jacob Naeb

Jacob is an Energy Engineer with over 20 years of experience. He has been an AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM) since 2010. He also has a Qualified Commissioning Provider (QCxP) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a proud CASSE member.