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Have You met Jax?

Putting on her jeans and LONG PartsPros t-shirt the morning of her first day, Jax remembers the feeling of butterflies in her stomach in anticipation of beginning a career in a new industry.  As she walked into the parts area and took in the fast-paced environment her feeling of nervousness was replaced with the familiar feeling of being simultaneously challenged and excited by the day ahead.  Jax’s background is in the commercial auto parts industry, and she always enjoyed working in an industry with good people that need help when something breaks.  Jax knew she found a new place to call home! 

During her auto parts days, Jax handled over the counter sales as well as was involved in sales management.  Her 24 years of experience in that industry have already proven to be applicable and valuable in the HVAC parts arena.  Observing fellow JaxValMeghan.jpgparts pro, Clint Burns, troubleshooting a shorted-out motor with a customer at the counter on her first day, was the moment when she realized there were quite a few similarities between the two industries.  

Jax is ASE brake certified and has been working on cars since she was a little girl with her dad.  She has two brothers, and her mom calls her “her favorite son”.  In her spare time, Jax loves spoiling her beautiful granddaughter, Ayva.  

Jax and her husband are DEVOTED Oakland Raiders fans, and her cubicle is decked out in black and silver, which is the perfect setting to display her beloved Oakland Raiders gnome.  There have been some threats made to make the gnome “disappear”.  Her response…”I have a very particular set of skills…skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.  If you let my gnome go now, that’ll be the end Jax-&-Granddaughter.jpgof it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.  But if you don’t, I will look for you.  I WILL find you.”  Oddly she says the entire line with a Northern Irish accent.  I think she is being courted for the next Taken movie franchise installment…I digress… 

While some of the inner-workings of HVAC parts and auto parts are alike, some were new to learn.  Since joining LONG in 2016, Jax has dedicated time to learn the ins and outs of access cards, key fobs and security camera lenses.  She has also become well versed on warranty issues.  Jax’s knowledge of the information required by factories allows her to address warranty matters quickly.  She understands how a part failure affects PEOPLE, andPartsProsGroupFootball.jpg it is her mission to help!  


Jax truly wants to provide the high level of service that she expects to receive when dealing with companies, and she is proud to work alongside such a professional team that genuinely feels the same way.  

If you need a replacement part, order tracking information, help with an invoice or just want to chat about the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, feel free to reach out to Jax. 


Joslyn Beckwith

Joslyn is the digital marketing coordinator for LONG. She loves to hike and play volleyball when the weather is warm and spends her free time reading, watching movies, and playing video and board games.