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Element Q: A Hot Water Wellness Solution from Lync by Watts

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Element® Q is a complete, engineered hot water wellness solution that provides safe, reliable, hot water, energy and water efficiency, improved water quality, and more, in an ultra-compact, fully designed and assembled system. Element sustainably mitigates waterborne pathogens, such Legionella, reduces risks of scalding, and aids in full building sanitation. Designed and built by a single source, Element conveniently fits through a standard doorway decreasing a typical mechanical room footprint by up to 75%. It simplifies installation, operation and maintenance with a unique, supervisory controller, Edge® SC, and reduces installation time by up to 65%.

Element is a smart, connected solution that provides real-time data reporting across devices, enables local and remote control and automates “clipboard” health monitoring. The Element helps building owners, maintenance staff, and infection control teams confidently control, manage, and maintain high regulatory standards in their buildings’ domestic hot water so they can offer occupants a best-in-class experience that enriches their daily wellness.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduces design time significantly - factory-assembled and piped domestic hot water system integrates water heating, temperature control, water treatment, pumps, valves, sensors and more
  • Sustainably mitigates waterborne pathogens
    • UV treatment of both cold water supply and return water
    • Sediment filtration to 5μm
    • Scale reduction reaching >95% using Template Assisted Crystallization technology per DVGW W512
    • Scheduled self-sanitization mode with timed high temperature flow and return to system setpoint
    • Scheduled water heater blowdown to prevent biofilm build up and improve water heater efficiency
    • Controlled system loop thermal sanitization mode
  • Compact footprint – 35.5 W x 90 L x 82.5 H in
    •  Reduces typical mechanical room footprint by up to 75%
  • Integrated design reduces installation time by up to 65%
  • High efficiency
    • Dual temperature supplies for hot output and ASSE 1017-compliant tempered output with separate integral return loop
    • Increased water heater efficiency by mixing return water into appropriate water heater condensing zone
  • Gas-powered firetube heat exchanger with duplex stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Temperature creep protection when building system is not in use
  • Generate automatic reports to support ASHRAE 188-compliant water management plans
  • Real-time data reporting across devices - predictive maintenance with convenient alerts, remote monitoring and mobile app
    • Maintenance reminders over email, text, and mobile app including UV bulb and filter life
    • System alerts when temperatures are outside disinfecting limits
  • BACnet and MODBUS compatibility for building automation systems (BAS)
  • Secure user credentialing through Microsoft Azure®

Pathogen Prevention Methods

Element Q treats and thermally controls building domestic hot water systems for the purpose of disinfection and can be installed at point-of-entry. The system includes an integral water heater, ASSE 1017-compliant temperature control, ultraviolet disinfection subsystems on both incoming cold water and return water, scale reduction subsystem, sediment filters, self-sanitizing pump, cold water booster pump, chemical injection ports, return water diverting solenoid valve, and water heater blowdown solenoid valve. Service of the system can be easily performed without removing the enclosure.

The onboard Edge Supervisory Controller connects to building automation systems over MODBUS or BACnet and securely to the myLync mobile app. The controls provide the ability to thermally self-disinfect, perform building system disinfection, and return to system temperature setpoints.

System Fill and Recirculation Protection

Element Q treats incoming cold water using a 3-stage process: through a 5-micron particulate filter, then through the anti-scale device to precipitate minerals, and finally through an ultraviolet disinfecting system. Recirculated water returns to a separate internal branch to both filter and UV disinfect for ongoing protection with no chemical residuals required.

Water Heater Disinfection

Regular thermal disinfection helps reduce pathogens. The 130 gallons of stored water in the integral water heater can be thermally disinfected and self-circulated on a schedule in order to quickly treat the internal surfaces. After the cycle is complete, Element Q will automatically return to the original setpoint.

Building Plumbing Disinfection

Elevated temperatures for given time periods can be used to penetrate the insulating biofilm and reduce the number of pathogens in a building’s water system. When required as a part of a building water management plan, Element Q can be locally controlled to disinfect an entire hot water system in a controlled setting.

Alerts and Communication

With the myLync mobile app or on the web, you can remotely monitor your system, receive immediate alerts and send maintenance notes to your team. For example, alerts are sent if the UV system needs attention, if the return temperature is in the Legionella growth zone, as well as when regular maintenance is required.

Predictive Maintenance and Remote Monitoring

The myLync mobile app and web interface allows you to monitor your system’s activity in real time. Each system component provides a status of life to replacement. Supplies, return and cold water makeup temperatures are actively monitored. The scheduled or manually initiated blowdown sequence is displayed.

A record of events is provided for each system component and can be commented on for contextual communication with building staff. Element Q can be monitored in parallel in a single building, in different locations within a building, or in different properties altogether. All connected Element Q systems can be monitored from the myLync mobile app. When required by the building water management plan, an infection control report can be exported by Element Q to show UV output, thermal sanitation details, and when critical maintenance was performed and is needed.

If you are interested in getting Element Q for your building, or if you have questions about the product, please contact us today.

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