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Distech Controls - Allure EC-Smart-Vue Advanced Communicating Sensor

Distech Controls' series of Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors are designed to interface with ECLYPSE™ series BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi Controllers, ECB series BACnet® Controllers, and ECL series LonWorks® Controllers. This line consists of eight models that provide precise environmental zone control.
Traditionally, space sensors were a 2-wire device with minimal options. A single sensor was connected to the sensor input of the controller via twisted pair cable. If additional sensors were required, it was necessary to use analog inputs on the controller.
This new generation of sensors are available with a wide range of options and improved communication wiring. They are wired to a dedicated subnet port where both power and communications pass through a single Cat 5e cable for reduced installation cost and easier installation. Depending on the controller, up to 12 sensors can be daisy-chained for increased range and reduced cabling in large open spaces or multizone applications.
The Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors are available with any combination of the following: temperature, humidity, CO2, and motion sensing. This enables time and cost savings with just a single device to be mounted, wired, and commissioned. Occupants can view space temperature, adjust the setpoint, control lighting through occupancy detection, set the fan speed, and apply occupancy overrides through the backlit LCD display and icon-driven menu.
The Allure EC-Smart Comfort sensors provide rotary knobs to adjust setpoint and fan speed and a push-button for occupancy override allowing occupants to easily adjust their comfort settings. In addition, these sensors can be expanded with up to four Smart-Light/Blind push-button modules for lighting and shade/sunblind control. These sensors allow for management of all room functions: HVAC, On/Off or dimming of lighting, and Up/Down or angle rotation of shade/sunblinds.
The Allure ECW sensors are wireless and battery-less room temperature sensors that can be used with Distech wireless controllers. These sensors are powered by solar energy and are ideal for building retrofits when minimal impact to existing architecture is desired.
To view all the features and benefits of the Distech Allure EC-Smart-Vue sensors, click the spec sheet here.
We sell the full range of these sensors. If you are not sure about your requirements and need help with the selection, please contact LONG PartsPros and we will help you determine the sensor that best fits your application.
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