LONG provides innovative Building Automation Technologies that work together seamlessly, but we also provide the tools to understand how the technology functions through the life of your building. LONG Analytics delivers in-depth knowledge of your building automation systems that allows you to discern where deficiencies or issues lie, along with the ability to correct them.

Diagnostics as a Service

A community of leaders, rather than an individual, develops a vast library of diagnostic rules. New rules are constantly being established and are hierarchical, combining multiple rules for each piece of equipment. This process helps simplify results, which are then sorted into Comfort, Energy, and Maintenance categories.

Built-In Avoidable Costs

The Diagnostic algorithms calculate the cost that is arising due to the issue occurring. The cost is calculated using the BAS integrated data, information from the mechanical schedules, and the customer’s utility rates to provide the most accurate calculation when equipment meter data is not available. The platform will automatically calculate annual task savings by tracking the progress of issues using its Task Management module.

Customizable User Interface

The Analytics platform provides the ability to see how the entire campus, building, or individual piece of equipment is performing for a given period of time. The interface is user-friendly, with a customizable dashboard with built-in widgets. The platform summarizes the main problems associated with Comfort, Energy, and Maintenance to easily identity the primary issues occurring.

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