Retrofit Magazine Interviews LONG’s Scott Papay

Posted on 06-05-2015

In a recent article by Retrofit Magazine titled “Get Connected”, the publication discusses the trends developing in the building automation world around wireless and handheld technology, and how it’s affecting the opportunities and creating challenges in upgrading existing facilities.

The article features interviews with experts from several leading companies within the industry and LONG is honored to have been asked to contribute via Sales Manager, Scott Papay:

“I believe you will see over the next five to 10 years that Building Automation Systems will reside on the building’s primary IT infrastructure rather than having their own subordinate network,” says Scott Papay, sales manager at LONG Building Technologies, Littleton, Colo. “You will see each and every one of those controllers becoming WiFi-enabled, meaning LAN-based or wireless LAN-based IP-type controllers rather than being some old RS45 communications protocol, which is what we use today. I think that’s where the industry is trending us toward.”

Check out the full article in the May/June issue of Retrofit Magazine or check it out online by clicking here!

LONG Suspends Energy Savings Performance Contracting Business

Posted on 02-20-2015

SEATTLE, WA – Effective today, LONG Building Technologies, Inc. announces the indefinite suspension of its pursuit of additional projects in the Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) market segment. This change applies to LONG Building Technologies’ Energy Solutions Business Unit, as well as the work pursued under its trade name, Investive Building Projects Co.

With its 2014 expansion into the Pacific Region, including new locations in Alaska, Oregon and Washington, LONG has made a decision to focus on its core competencies in Building Automation and Systems Integration, HVAC and Hydronics Equipment Sales, Access Control and CCTV, and Mechanical Services.

LONG will continue to fulfill all existing ESPC contract obligations and will continue to pursue new work in all of its core market segments.

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is a full service HVAC representative and building automation, security and mechanical services company that has been providing state of the art building technology for peak performance buildings in the Western United States since 1965. The privately owned corporation has branches throughout Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. For more information, please visit www.LONG.com or call (303) 975-2100.

LONG Hires Big Guns for Security Operations in Alaska

Posted on 02-17-2015


SEATTLE, WA – LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is proud to welcome Christopher Bracken and Anthony Smith as the newest additions to their Security Team in Alaska. Christopher Bracken has assumed the role of Security Business Lead in their Anchorage, Alaska location, while Anthony Smith has assumed the role of Security Specialist in their Fairbanks, Alaska location. Both Christopher and Anthony will be tasked with providing tremendous growth for LONG’s Security Business Units in Alaska, which are new to LONG’s service offerings in the region.

As a veteran of the United States Military, Christopher Bracken joins LONG with 14 years of industry experience, most recently as Vice President of Technical Operations at Action Security, Inc. Prior to that, Christopher served as Vice President of their Fairbanks, Alaska location.

When asked about joining the LONG team, Christopher chimed, “I am truly excited about coming on-board to a highly regarded and professional team.  Even more, I am looking forward to our team expanding LONG’s Alaska offerings into the security industry.  Teaming our expertise and resources brings a value to our current and potential clients that surpasses any typical security integrator in the state.”

Fellow Action Security alum and United States Military Veteran, Anthony Smith, joins LONG with 7 years of industry experience, most recently as a Division Manager in Fairbanks, Alaska, also at Action Security, Inc. Prior to that, Anthony served as a Senior Financial Institution Technician for the company.

“I’m lucky to have such a great opportunity here at LONG and put my profession skills to work.” Anthony said of his new position, “I believe there is so much untapped potential in Alaska, and I look to do my part in every way possible to make this new relationship a strong and profitable one – focusing on the Customer’s needs and our ability to deliver to their satisfaction. It’s a great feeling working with your old mentor and achieving common goals!”

LONG has made an incredible investment in the growth of its company across the Western United States in the last year and shows no signs of slowing down. This recent personnel investment has big implications for the substantial growth expected in the company’s Security Solutions Business Group, led by Vice President of Security – Steve Stumpf.

Steve expressed his excitement about the future of LONG, stating, “LONG Building Technologies is committed to being the industry leader in all of our business units. LONG is making forward investments in bringing the best-in-class individuals to support our security deliverable and clients in Alaska. I am very excited about what Chris and Anthony bring to our security business to support our existing clients and expected growth this year.”

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is a full service HVAC representative and building automation, security, energy and mechanical services company that has been providing state of the art building technology for peak performance buildings in the Western United States since 1965. The privately owned corporation has branches throughout Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. For more information, please visit www.LONG.com or call (303) 975-2100.

There’s a Rocket Launch Site Where?!

Posted on 01-21-2015

cci_rocket_launch_site_alaskaAlaska Aerospace Development Corporation  is the newest commercial launch complex in the United States.  The Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) is located on Narrow Cape approximately 41 miles south of the city of Kodiak and 250 south of Anchorage.  This location provides two unique advantages over other similar facilities: it has a wide-open launch corridor and an unobstructed down range flight path (the Pacific Ocean).  It’s location is ideal for launching expendable launch vehicles with payloads requiring Low-Earth polar synchronous orbits.


Similar bases include:

  • Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
  • Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific
  • Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia
  • Kodiak Island, Alaska.

One of KLC’S notable launches, its first launch, was the Kodiak Star on a Lockheed Martin Athena-1.  This launch was of particular importance to NASA, as it was the first orbital launch utilizing the site.  KLC has launched Kodiak Star payloads to include the NASA sponsored Starshine-3,  three satellites sponsored by the Department of Defense, amateur radio satellites, Prototype Communications Satellite (PCSat) for the U.S. Naval Academy and the United Kingdom’s PICOSa,t which housed four scientific payloads.

Scientists and Students worldwide have experienced the benefits KLC’s unique location provides the launch community because of the 67-degree inclination it allows.

The Starshine-3 was built by students at the Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium and the Naval Research Laboratory.  Its design is reminiscent of a disco-style mirror ball with an onboard transmitter.  Once in orbit it was visible to the eye and provided students and scientists the ability to track it.  The satellite was a one-meter reflective sphere that weighed in at 220 pounds and was covered in 1,500 one inch mirrors made of aluminum. The aluminum squares were ground and polished by students from all over the world, with the final machining being done by technology students in Utah.

Students were able to track, determine coordinates and record them on the Starshine Project  web-site http://www.azinet.com/starshine/. The data that was compiled provided students and scientists with new information about the Earth’s upper atmosphere and how it reacts to fluctuations in the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation during a sunspot cycle.


We at LONG Building Technologies are privileged to have provided systems and service to the KLC site and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation, “The Other Cape”.

(Images and information provided by Alaska Aerospace Corporation. For more info, check out http://akaerospace.com)

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. Announces Acquisition of CCI Automated Technologies; Big Horn Energy, Inc.

Posted on 07-01-2014

LITTLETON, Colo. – LONG Building Technologies, Inc., a leading HVAC manufacturer’s representative, building automation, security and energy services provider with headquarters in Littleton, has acquired two companies in the construction industry, CCI Automated Technologies of Seattle, Wash., and Big Horn Energy of Cody, Wyo. Several years in the making, the purchases were recently finalized and will allow the LONG brand to spread beyond the Rocky Mountain region.

“All of us at LONG are extremely excited about these two acquisitions,” LONG President and CEO Mark Balent said. “Both are providers of world class building automation and mechanical service. CCI also has a robust security business that is similar to the LONG offerings in Colorado and Wyoming. We expect to expand our footprint in these new markets over time by adding other lines of business including mechanical equipment sales and energy services. The growth potential is significant.”

CCI employs about 90 people in its four offices located in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska as well as Portland, Ore., with headquarters in Seattle. CCI is a building automation, mechanical service and security solutions contractor and has been in business since 1976.

Big Horn Energy, located in the Big Horn Basin of northwestern Wyoming since 1982, has eight employees and offers building automation and controls as well as mechanical service.

LONG plans to absorb the newly acquired offices and expand the LONG brand into the additional states. All parties are ready and excited for the new venture.

“We are excited to be a part of the LONG Building Technologies team,” CCI Automated Technologies President Ken Dolson said. “With the support and proven success of LONG behind us, we will further differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and position ourselves for substantive growth.”

“We feel this acquisition is going to reinforce our values of quality work and timely service at a fair price and BHE will continue to grow and develop even stronger relationships with our customer base,” added Tom Zahller, General Manager at Big Horn Energy. “We have given this acquisition a lot of careful consideration and feel the future of BHE is in good hands.”

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is a full service HVAC representative and building automation, security, energy and mechanical services company that has been providing better building technology to the Rocky Mountain region since 1965. The privately owned corporation also has branches throughout Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. For more information, please visit www.long.com or call (303) 975-2100.




Second Annual Disc Golf Tournament a hit with LONG and customers

Posted on 06-28-2014

LONG hosted the Second Annual Disc Golf Tournament on Friday, June 20, at Colorado Heights University.

The day was perfect for some lively competition among friends. Much fun was had by all that attended. Thank you to all that joined us.

LONG wins national community service award

Posted on 03-06-2014


Jeff Long, Vice President and Chairman of the Board of LONG Building Technologies, Inc.(middle) and Dave Rice, Vice President, LONG Las Vegas branch office (right of middle), stand with members of AGC America with LONG's AGC in the Community award on March 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

Jeff Long, Vice President and Chairman of the Board of LONG Building Technologies, Inc.(middle) and Dave Rice, Vice President, LONG Las Vegas branch office (right of middle), stand with members of AGC America with LONG’s AGC in the Community award on March 5, 2014, in Las Vegas, NV.


LITTLETON, Colorado (March 5, 2014) LONG Building Technologies, Inc. was recently presented with a national community service award by the Associated General Contractors of America for its contributions to the Denver Rescue Mission.

In the ongoing project entitled “Changing Lives with the Denver Rescue Mission,” LONG employees have been donating time, money and items to the local homeless shelter that provides meals, rehabilitation, mentoring and housing to thousands of men, women and children each year.

The company donated more than $10,000 to the Denver Rescue Mission in 2013 as well as countless hours of service. Several employees participated in various drives throughout the year to collect canned and baked goods, coats, hats, gloves and hygiene items, while several others went to the shelter in person to help serve a meal to 300-400 people in need once a month.

“LONG contributed money to the Mission and many of our employees contributed food and clothing items throughout the year, but what really touches my heart is the time many of our folks spend serving dinner each month at the Mission,” said Jeff Long, Vice President and Chairman of the Board at LONG.

Employees said they have found their experiences to be so humbling and rewarding that they are planning on expanding the program to allow employees the opportunity to participate in some of the shelter’s other programs such as the New Life Program, a rehabilitation program that helps those with addiction and other hardships through counseling and curriculum.

LONG was presented with the AGC in the Community Award at the Alliant Build America Awards Dinner on March 5, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is a full service HVAC representative and building automation, security, energy and mechanical services company that has been providing better building technology to the Rocky Mountain Region since 1965. The privately owned corporation also has branches throughout Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. For more information, please visit www.long.com or call (303) 975-2100.


InsideIQ™ Building Automation Alliance Firms Share Best Practices

Posted on 02-04-2014

Des Moines, IowaCollaboration between member firms of the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance, an international alliance of independent building automation contractors, enables the Alliance to share best practices and function like a large national organization, although each company is an independent, local building automation, security, systems integration and energy services expert. Baker Group, a leading provider of critical building infrastructure systems based in Des Moines, and a long time member of InsideIQ, has frequently partnered with other InsideIQ firms in order to provide the highest level of service to clients.

“InsideIQ member firms are dedicated to sharing best practices that strengthen their organizations,” said Frank Rotello, president of the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance. “InsideIQ members combine a broad array of business and technical experience from thousands of client projects, and more than 5,200 employees worldwide. Baker Group is an excellent example of this spirit of collaboration and has had significant success serving customers in partnership with other InsideIQ firms.”

Daryld Karloff, business chairman of the InsideIQ Board of Directors and vice president, business development for Baker Group, offers three examples of collaboration between InsideIQ member firms that has benefitted clients.

As the building automation system (BAS) contractor of choice for a major banking and mortgage provider with a facility in Des Moines, Baker Group installed and serviced the BAS for a 1.7 million square foot office and data center. Together, the bank and Baker Group built graphical standards that made operation and maintenance of the buildings very efficient for the bank’s maintenance team. When they decided to build an office building in Springfield, Illinois, the bank asked Baker Group to install the BAS to the same standards in the new facility. Baker Group partnered with the local InsideIQ member in Springfield, Alpha Controls & Services, to make this happen. Baker Group engineers designed the systems and the graphical interface to match the Bank’s other sites and Alpha Controls technicians installed the systems. Today, Alpha Controls works closely with the bank to maintain the systems in Springfield. As InsideIQ members, Baker Group and Alpha Controls worked together to keep a client promise to deliver consistently regardless of the geographic location.

Baker Group has established a solid relationship with a major developer of medical office buildings who appreciates the consistency of the BAS products and graphical interfaces they receive from Baker Group. The developer recognizes that having the same BAS products and software applications in multiple sites makes maintenance, remote monitoring and system analytics much more efficient. To maintain this consistency beyond Iowa sites, Baker Group partnered with InsideIQ member Long Building Technologies in Denver to install identical BAS systems in multiple locations. The customer values the scalable, reliable and consistent results they receive from InsideIQ members.

When a major appliance manufacturer decided to update the BAS at their headquarters, Baker Group proposed new controllers and an improved graphical Person-Machine Interface (PMI) as part of the upgrade. At the same time, Baker Group found themselves with several other large projects that were also approved. With a short-term scarcity of skilled technical resources, they turned to their partners at InsideIQ. LONG Building Technology sent a technician from Denver to work with Baker’s technicians in order to deliver the project on time and under budget. By working together, InsideIQ members delivered successfully on a promise.

“No one is closer to their clients than InsideIQ Members and this focus on long-term relationships helps our members clearly understand their client’s evolving needs,” said Rotello. “In addition, InsideIQ members are technological leaders who understand the latest developments in BAS technology. This enables InsideIQ members to bring insightful trends to their clients all over the world so they can effectively manage their facilities and anticipate upcoming market changes. Furthermore, InsideIQ firms work closely with manufacturers to be sure that as new products are introduced they are refined to better serve the needs of building owners.”

About InsideIQ

InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance is an organization comprised of 49 independent commercial building and facility automation companies representing common automation and security system platforms. Members specialize in the design and implementation of facilities and process control systems, systems integration, enterprise security systems, facilities maintenance services, energy services, and the representation of other value-added products and services. InsideIQ is the largest independent organization of its kind. Member companies provide consistent applications, coordination, and support for commercial facility owners across the United States, Canada, The Netherlands and Australia. More information is available online at www.insideiq.org.


LONG Utah Gives Back to Community

Posted on 12-16-2013

Employees in LONG’s Salt Lake City, Utah branch office decided to give back to the community as a team building activity. November’s activity consisted of dividing the office into shifts to spend a day at the Utah Food Bank to prepare runner’s bags for the annual 5K-10K Human Race fundraiser.

In December, the team chose to participate in the Volunteers of America for Homeless Teens Fill a Pack operation. With a goal of filling 20 backpacks with $55-$60 worth of items requested by the organization, employees got to work anonymously donating money and items towards the project as well as working with local vendors for discounts and donations.

The group raised a total of $1,393 in cash and donated items along with a $150 donation to the VOA from LONG’s President and CEO, Mark Balent and Chairman of the Board and Senior Vice President, Jeff Long. After counting and bagging the items and packs, the team revealed that it had exceeded its goal and was able to deliver 25 filled backpacks along with enough supplies to fill five more.

The event definitely brought out the holiday spirit.




2013 LONG Endowment Gives $20,000 to Local Charities

Posted on 11-30-2013

Each year, LONG donates a portion of our profits to charities that are near and dear to our employees’ hearts. The LONG Endowment Committee chooses several charities in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada (corresponding with the locations of our headquarters and branch offices) that serve senior citizens, children or promote the conservation of our natural resources to support annually based on employee nominations. Special consideration is given to organizations that have one or more LONG employees involved in an active volunteer role. This 2013 holiday season, LONG donated a total of $20,000 to the following organizations:

Denver Rescue Mission, Denver, CO

The Denver Rescue Mission (DRM) was founded in 1892 and it’s the oldest, full service Christian charity serving the poor, needy, and homeless in the Rocky Mountain region. The facility shelters up to 200 men nightly and up to 300 in inclement weather. The DRM provides meals, shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, counseling, case management, work discipline, transitional housing programs, assistance with permanent housing, and spiritual guidance.

Crossroads Urban Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Crossroads Urban Center is a nonprofit, grassroots organization that assists and organizes residents of Utah with low incomes, those with disabilities, and people of color to meet basic survival needs and to address essential issues affecting quality of life. Crossroads has been active in developing and maintaining resources for Utah’s low income citizens for almost 50 years. Along the way we have developed dozens of new community organizations to provide services not otherwise available in our community such as Utahans Against Hunger, Wasatch Community Gardens, the Disabled Rights Action Committee, and The Community Co-op.

STRIDE, Lakewood, CO

The main focus of STRIDE is helping families become self-sufficient. Another goal is to wean families from government programs or charitable organizations to survive on a day-to-day basis. STRIDE exclusively assists low income families with education, job placement, and housing. This organization also refurbishes used computers to distribute to clients for job searches and to help children with their homework.

Impact Orphans, Littleton, CO

The focus of Impact Orphans includes:  Defending and caring for orphans through educating the community on the needs of orphans, meeting  their unmet physical needs, and advocating for permanent relationships between orphans and community members. Additionally, this organization invests in the transition of foster youth as they enter adulthood without families in conjunction with supporting families as they journey through permanency.

Turning Point Youth and Family Development, Fort Collins, CO

Turning Point operates a 20 bed boys’ residential home and a separate 14 bed girls’ residential home. Both properties are centrally located in Fort Collins, CO with convenient access to public transportation, bike paths, businesses, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College. Our homes provide a comfortable residential atmosphere with ample living spaces along with numerous areas for therapy, groups, family visitation, and recreational and leisure activities.

The Sharing Place, Salt Lake City, UT

The Sharing Place is a grief support program for children and their families following the death of a parent or sibling.  For 21 years, the Sharing Place has been fulfilling their mission to “provide a safe a caring environment for grieving children, teens, and their families to share their feelings and memories as part of the healing process”.

Family Tree, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO

Family Tree, Inc. provides innovative, life-changing services designed to end child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. Founded in 1976 as a cooperative effort with local government, civic and private agencies to fill service gaps to needy children and families in Jefferson County; over the years, we have expanded to serve the entire seven-county Denver metro area. Family Tree empowers individuals to discover their own strengths to create lasting, positive change. Last year, Family Tree served 37,478 clients and provided more than 22,000 nights of safe shelter to individuals and families in the Denver metro area, helping them move from a place of crisis to one of stability.



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