Happy National HVAC Tech Day
Here at LONG we have 103 technicians who work around the clock to take care of your HVAC equipment, Building Automation, and Security needs. From Colo...Read More
Distech Controls - Allure EC-Smart-Vue Advanced Communicating Sensor
Traditionally, space sensors were a 2-wire device with minimal options. A single sensor was connected to the sensor input of the controller via twiste...Read More
Why Choose Baldor Motors?
It’s simple…Baldor manufactures quality motors.  When the company was founded in 1920, there was one clear mission…make a better motor. 
National Worship of Tools Day
Underestimating the importance of equipment maintenance can have a major impact on a business’ bottom line. The old school saying, “if it isn’t broke,...Read More
Ray Gardner - PartsPro Extraordinaire
  Helpful!  This is the one word that best describes PartsPro, Ray Gardner.
National Random Acts of Kindness Day
National Random Acts of Kindness Day is to encourage others to be kind to one another. LONG takes pride in helping each other and our local communitie...Read More