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LONG Building Technologies’ headquarters building receives LEED recognition

LITTLETON, Colorado (May 29, 2013) LONG Building Technologies, Inc. announces its headquarters building at 5001 South Zuni Street, in Littleton, Colorado was recently awarded LEED® (for Commercial Interiors) Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The LEED rating system, developed by USGBC, is the internationally accepted standard for energy efficient, sustainable and high performing buildings and provides building owners a framework for designing and implementing green building design and operations. Gold is the second highest in LEED’s four levels of certification.

LONG launched a $7 million self-funded corporate building project to overhaul and improve the existing building through a number of energy efficient and water saving upgrades.

“As a full service building performance provider, we find it of the utmost importance to practice what we preach,” said Mark Balent, LONG President and CEO. “The equipment, systems and designs we recommend to our customers are the same ones you’ll find in our headquarters building and we wanted to show our customers that we stand behind the services we provide to them. We’re very proud of this recognition from USGBC.”

Certification was based on factors such as site location and activity, energy, water, material use and indoor air quality. LONG’s headquarters building incorporates the following green building design features:

  • A 100kW photovoltaic array sits atop the new facility, providing more than 25% of annual energy use. This solar array reduces our annual energy bills by 12%.
  • Fixtures were upgraded to reduce electricity use by 20% above an energy baseline. Occupancy sensors are throughout the building to automatically turn lights off when spaces are empty.
  • Gas unit heaters in the building’s warehouse were replaced with infrared gas heaters.
  • The existing HVAC system was upgraded to evaporative condensing and the expansion areas utilize an air to air VRF Heatpump system. Together, these save the facility 17% in energy costs above baseline.
  • More than 70% of appliances and electrical equipment onsite are Energy Star rated.
  • Both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning were performed during the renovation to ensure that building systems were designed, installed and calibrated to operate properly.
  • The BAS system is instrumented with several electric meters to measure performance so that functionality, energy use, and other performance criteria can be verified during building operation.
  • Fifty percent of the building’s electricity for two years is provided from renewable resources.
  • The building is adjacent to the Mary Carter Greenway Trail with eight bike racks that can accommodate up to 16 bicycles. Showers in both men’s and women’s restrooms are available for all employees to use.
  • Carpooling is encouraged by providing reserved spaces closest to entrances.
  • More than 20 services are located within a half-mile radius of the facility, making it convenient to walk to lunch or errands nearby. This also encourages a more active lifestyle.
  • A workout room is located on the first floor and features cardio, weightlifting and cross training equipment.
  • Faucets, toilets and showerheads were all upgraded to reduce water use by 42% above baseline requirements, which is about 54,000 gallons per year.
  • Blue containers are located throughout the facility that accept plastics #1-7, glass, metal, paper and cardboard for recycling.
  • Over 73% of the original building’s walls and floors were left in place, reducing the environmental and economic impact of the renovation.
  • Recycled content materials were used to reduce the impact of extraction and processing of virgin materials.
  • Materials that were harvested and manufactured within a 500 mile radius of the facility were used to reduce transportation and support the local economy.
  • Wood used on the project was sourced from forests that are certified to be maintained in a sustainable and rapidly renewable manner.
  • Mechanical systems were designed to meet ASHRAE standards that are above normal market installations. This ensures cleaner air and more fresh air intake from outside, as well as enhanced thermal comfort.
  • Low-toxicity building products such as adhesives and glues, paints and coatings, carpeting, and composite woods were used to reduce indoor air contamination.

“The many benefits of a sustainable facility have made the LONG headquarters a great place to work,” Balent said.  “It helps us all focus on our goals to provide outstanding experiences to all of our customers.”

LONG Building Technologies, Inc. is a full service HVAC representative and building automation, security, energy and mechanical services company that has been providing better building technology to the Rocky Mountain Region since 1965. The privately owned corporation also has branches throughout Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. For more information, please visit www.long.com.

LONG to attend Realcomm 2013 Conference

press-ready-proud-exhibitor2-1LONG Building Technologies, Inc. and fellow InsideIQ firms, Alpha Controls, Rockford/Springfield, IL; CM3, Philadelphia; McKenney’s, Inc., Atlanta; MC2, Orlando and Environmental Systems, Inc. (ESI), Milwaukee will be participating in the upcoming Realcomm Conference, June 11-13 in Orlando, Florida. The focus will be on BAS Cyber Security, building analytics and the InsideIQ brand.

Links: Realcomm 2013 and InsideIQ

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